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Liposuction in Old Age

Liposuction is the most common fat removal surgery in the aesthetic world. There are lots of liposuction methods, however, when someone talks about liposuction, this generally reminds people of the invasive liposuction procedure. The invasive lipo involves destroying the fat cell build-ups inside the body with the help of a cannula and extracting the excess fat by a surgical vacuuming device in which the cannula is applied to. Liposuction can be performed on people in different age groups. Most candidates consider getting liposuction in old age just because they think that they could melt-out their excess fa when they’re young.

There is no designated best age for liposuction. However, the best liposuction procedure is generally associated with the candidates’ health condition. So this means that the healthier you are, the more successful your liposuction procedure will be. There are young people with serious health problems and there are old people with perfect health as well. However, the decision is always your doctor’s to make if you are the best candidate for a liposuction procedure or not. Since invasive lipo permanently changes the structure of the body, we suggest you think twice about it no matter how old you are.

Liposuction Aging

It is impossible to know how you will look in the future. Some people age very well while some do not. Aesthetic procedures also have durability meaning that there is always a chance to look bad years after your lipo procedure. However, this generally happens in other types of aesthetic procedures like rhinoplasty.

Bad appearance on the liposuctioned area after years is something rare. So it is not up to you to change your possible bad luck in the future on your own. If you experience bad aging over your liposuctioned area, your doctor will probably suggest a repair job, or an independent skin lift job.

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