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Large Volume Liposuction

Being chosen as the number one fat removal procedure by most people, liposuction procedures are associated with the term ” fat removal ” today. There are several other types of liposuction that people would like to choose based on their situations. These liposuction procedures may have different characteristics. Especially large volume liposuction is the most performed one on the market and generally associated with invasive fat removal procedures. Liposuction procedures have may have different characteristics as you can see below:

  • Session time
  • Medical equipment used during procedures
  • Extraction of different amounts of excess fat cells
  • Invasive or non-invasive
  • Fat cells build-up destruction inside the body only ( Coolsculpting )
  • Different recovery time
  • Different medical devices ( laser lipo, coolsculpting )

Most people start thinking about future fat removal when they feel that they’ve gained lots of excess fat beyond their control. Most people are also afraid of invasive medical procedures. Thinking that getting cut by some other people may not be so easy for some people. However, these people also think that their only option is the traditional invasive liposuction procedure in which the most excess fat cells can be extracted in one single session. It is true that up to 6 liters of excess fat cells can be extracted from the body in a single session.

Is Large Volume Lipo Safe?

Most experts claim that the more you get your excess fat cells extracted, the higher the risk of complications get. Extracting lots of fat cells in a single session may interrupt the nature of your body and this could even result in trauma.

No surgeon would ever accept a risky liposuction procedure because there’ve been cases in which patients died because of unnatural amounts of excess fat cells extracted during one single session. It is always best to start with non-invasive lipo procedures like coolsculpting in which fat cell build-ups are destroyed by freezing. However, the destroyed fat cells are not extracted in sessions and the body is expected to get rid of them in time.

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