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Fat Cell Regeneration

Fat cells are not like healthy cells or cancer cells. They can be extracted or moved to another place inside the human body. A fat removal procedure like invasive liposuction can deal with excess fat cells permanently. Fat cell regeneration can be seen in both the surgical area or any other place in the human body after liposuction. A lipo patient may gain or lose weight after lipo, however, the liposuctioned area is no more fat cells priority. Once they’re removed with a liposuction procedure, the nature of the body permanently changes.

Fat cells can be transferred from one place to another. This is generally called fat grafting or augmentation. For example, a Brazilian butt lift is one of the famous cosmetic surgery types in the aesthetic world. It is performed to provide a considerable fullness to the buttocks area of a person, typically a woman. Fat cells are used to give this fullness to the candidates. And the fat cells needed for the procedure are extracted from the same person’s body. Some excess fat cells are extracted from the body with the help of liposuction. After the liposuction procedures are completed, the extracted fat cells are injected into several areas of the buttocks.

Will I Gain Weight After Lipo?

If you keep your irregular eating and drinking habits, you will definitely gain weight again. However, your liposuctioned areas will not grow that much of fat cells, your other places will gain them instead. This is a very bad thing because you would not want to see how your body looks after you gained weight.

If you got fullness after a fat grafting procedure, like your breasts or buttocks area, you may lose some of that fullness if you gain and lose weight very often. In order to keep your aesthetic appearance, you should keep your weight level as well.

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