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Post Lipo Care

Liposuction is the most performed invasive fat removal procedure in the aesthetic industry. Since it’s very invasive, people are expected to take good care of themselves after liposuction procedures. Post lipo care is not something that can be ignored if the candidates do not want to experience a post lipo failure because of their poor aftercare. Liposuction procedures are generally performed with skin lift jobs. For example, a good tummy tuck procedure generally requires liposuction and skin lift jobs to be performed simultaneously. The reason for this is that most liposuction candidates generally experience loose and droopy skin after their procedures. So in this case, a possible skin-lift job also becomes inevitable after liposuction.

When multiple aesthetic procedures are combined with liposuction in most cases, post lipo care will require the utmost care because of this reason. Lipo candidates will require at least a month to fully recover from their wounds in such cases. During this time, there are certain measures that should be taken in terms of post lipo care. For example, the first thing that most lipo candidates would like to do during their recovery is to wash. Experts say that candidates should not take a bath during the first 5 days of their recovery. We know this one is a little bit hard but it’s a complete must if you do not want to experience an infection or some other complications during your early recovery.

What To Do After Lipo

There are to-dos and don’ts when it comes to taking the best care of your body after liposuction. Alcohol and smoking are your worst enemies and you should put a pause on them or completely quit them if you can. Water is also your must which means you will be in need of lots of water while your body’s healing itself from its wounds.

Reconstructive foods like healthy foods, grains, vegetables, and juices made out of these will provide you a better and faster recovery.

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