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Lipofilling on Buttocks

Lipofilling is an aesthetic term used to define the filling process of recipient areas in the body. This filling process is done with the fat cells extracted from several parts of the body. Lipofilling is a kind of reverse liposuction procedure. So many components of the body may take help from lipofilling. Breasts, buttocks, face, penis, lips can be filled with fat cells with the help of lipofilling. Here in our post, we would like to tell you more about the lipofilling on buttocks area.

Most of the women who have been involved in aesthetic procedures at some point in their lives are generally lipofilling candidates. Lipofilling on buttocks actually refers to the famous and common aesthetic procedure Brazilian butt lift. There may be several reasons for a woman to consider getting a Brazilian butt lift with lipofilling. The biggest effect simply comes from celebrities. There are a couple of celebrities who are generally associated with the lipofilled buttocks area. They are considered Brazilian butt lift idols and almost every woman who considers getting a lipofilling just takes them as models.

How is Lipofilling Done on Buttocks Area

The procedure is one of the simplest in the world actually. The patient is administered local and general anesthetics during the procedure. After the person has entered the anesthetic state, the required amount of fat cells are extracted with the help of liposuction from several parts of the body. After the extraction session has been completed, the fat cells are injected into the buttocks area

The whole lipofilling procedure generally takes two hours to complete. The patients are expected to stay at the hospital for one day. After that, they can return work within the first week of their recovery. There are not so many complications associated with the lipofilling procedures. However, some may experience swellings lover incision areas. If they occur in severe levels, you should consult your surgeon.

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