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Non-Anesthetics Liposuction

Liposuction is known to be successful for destroying a high amount of excess fat cells in a single session. It is the most successful and maybe the best method to remove the undesired excess fat cells located in the body. Since it involves the extracting of such a high amount of fat cells, it also has risks of several complications depending on your overall health condition. However, most of these liposuction complications are generally associated with the use of anesthetic drugs during the procedures. So, is non-anesthetics liposuction possible or not? We would like to look for an answer to this question.

If you want to consider getting an invasive liposuction procedure this means that you have lots of excess fat cells on your body and want to get rid of most of them in a single session. However, we would like to tell you that it is impossible to undergo such a highly invasive procedure like liposuction without being administered an anesthetic drug. There is no such a strong person who can stand that much pain during this procedure. So it is even kind of a dumb thing to think about it. However, people may have a right to think the same about non-surgical liposuction procedures like Coolsculpting or laser liposuction.

Anesthetics in Coolsculpting and Laser Liposuction

Coolsculpting and laser liposuction are the most common non-invasive liposuction techniques performed in the world. However, even such slightest aesthetic procedures may involve little incisions. And if you’re talking about an incision on your body, there is no way to escape from anesthesia. These procedures also involve the administration of local anesthesia.

The traditional invasive liposuction involves general and local anesthesia, but the non-invasive liposuction procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. This incredibly decreases the risk of complications during your recovery.

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