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Tummy Tuck Without Liposuction

A standard tummy tuck procedure involves two different aesthetic methods during the surgery. Both liposuction and skin-lift jobs are performed during a standard tummy tuck procedure. Tummy tuck without liposuction does not involve any liposuction procedure during the surgery. Skin-lift jobs are performed in the abdominal area of the person. Most patients who prefer tummy tuck without liposuction are those who managed to melt out the excess fat in their body without any invasive surgery.

A good amount of excess fat can be removed with a standard liposuction procedure. A standard liposuction procedure involves the extraction of the existing excess fat cells with a cannula. Liposuction is generally considered a safe procedure, however, it changes the nature of your body. A liposuction surgery permanently changes your body features meaning if you should gain excess fat again, the excess fat will choose different places to spread.

Benefits of No Lipo Tummy Tuck

Since there will be no liposuction procedure in this type of tummy tuck, there will be fewer incisions during the surgery. And if you don’t need to get a liposuction procedure, that’s even good news. The more aesthetic procedures you get, the more your body gets tired and vulnerable to complications.

Both mini tummy tuck and full tummy tuck procedures involve skin lift jobs. Skin-lift needed for those who recently lost a high amount of excess fat and experienced a saggy skin. Skin lift jobs are performed to fix saggy skin in any area of the body. Most skin lift jobs are performed on the chest and abdominal area of the body. A tummy tuck involves the abdominal skin’s removal. Once the excess skin is removed, both remaining sides of the skin are sutured together by the surgeon.

A no-lipo tummy tuck does not have so many complications because almost all of the side effects that are seen after a full tummy tuck is generally associated with the anesthetic drugs administered during the surgery.

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