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Lip Augmentation Fat Transfer

Women of today are generally interested in lips with the desired fullness. These days’ trend requires lips with that much of fullness and celebrities, known personalities have great influence over the people. Because of this, the number of people who consider lip augmentation fat transfer procedures has greatly increased during the last years…

Lips are important tools for women who would like to demonstrate their beauty to the public. 2020 is the year of plastic surgery and after 20 years, it’s believed that every person may be receiving at least one aesthetic procedure. The aesthetic world is no more a medical area that helps people fight against appearance problems. It is a medical science in which people get the appearance they desire by undergoing several types of plastic surgeries.

Is Lip Augmentation Good?

Lip augmentation is the procedure that involves the extraction of fat cells from several parts of the body. The extracted fat cells are later injected on the lips. Little incisions on the lips are performed during the injection session. When the incisions are done, the incisions are covered with bandages and sutured if necessary.

Lip augmentation is one of the safest aesthetic procedures in the world. It is not as highly invasive surgery like liposuction. The patient is administered a local and general anesthetic. Lips are very sensitive places of body so general anesthesia is a must during a lip augmentation fat transfer.

There are no serious complications associated with lip augmentation surgery. However, depending on the surgeon’s skills and the patient’s aftercare, there may be a couple of side effects related to lip augmentation surgery. There are a couple of cases in which the lips have experienced severe swelling on the surgical area and the swelling is not like those seen in liposuction procedures.

A severe swelling on the lips area means a surgery failure. The swellings don’t disappear and it immediately needs additional surgery

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