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Liposuction Went Wrong

In the 2020’s world, it is so easy and safe to consider getting an invasive aesthetic procedure like the most common fat removal procedure liposuction. Liposuction is one of the most performed fat removal procedures today and it is also considered the best aesthetic way to get a real shape. Liposuction procedures are simultaneously performed with skin lift jobs. For example, tummy tuck procedures are a combination of liposuction and skin lift jobs and performed to give the best shape to the abdominal area of the patients. Even if it’s rare, liposuction procedures went wrong in some cases. There may be numerous reasons for a failed liposuction and unlike the common thought, they happened because of liposuction candidates, not the surgeons.

Liposuction procedures naturally involve local and general anesthetics administration. There is no person that can handle this much pain without anesthetic administration performed before the main suction-out job. However, not every person has a strong heart enough to handle the anesthetic effects on the body. Diabetes, chronic diseases are the worst enemies of an invasive aesthetic procedure and those with such diseases should strictly stay away from any kind of anesthetic administration for the rest of their life.

Why Lipo Fails

There are two possible main reasons for a liposuction failure case. Surgeons today are not like those in the past, they are better and share their previous patients’ before and after photos from liposuction procedures, so they have nothing to hide. However, there are still unskilled surgeons out there and they try to rip off people with their cutthroat procedures with considerably low prices. People easily fall for those low prices and they do not even hesitate about the safety of such procedures of these surgeons. Aesthetic world is a tricky business and you must be a fox if you want to get into it.

There are things that a lipo patient should do and do not after liposuction. Sunlight and water exposure should be avoided during the first week of the recovery. Some people just cannot wait for this single week and break this rule and eventually experience terrible consequences like swellings, severe scarrings, and even infection. However, infection is very rare but if you experience it you should immediately see your doctor for the proper prescription drugs.

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