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BBL Risks

BBL, short for Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery in which a certain amount of fat is extracted from the patient’s body with liposuction and injected on the buttocks area to provide the desired fullness.

BBL is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures in the world, however, there are also bbl risks that candidates should take into consideration before getting a procedure. This post is on your service with its crucial information about Brazilian butt lift.

How is Brazilian Butt Lift Performed

Brazilian butt lift is not a complicated cosmetic procedure as it seems. Unlike the common misconception, it is one of the safest and easiest procedures in the world. Just like in all the other aesthetic procedures, Brazilian butt lift patients are also administered local and general anesthesia before and during the surgery.

After the patient has entered the anesthetic state, the fat needed for the procedure are provided from different parts of the patient. A small cannula is used to displace the fat and a surgical vacuuming instrument is used for the suction-out job. After all of these liposuction procedures have been performed, the fat is put into a surgical injector.

The surgeons mark certain locations on the buttocks area of the patient before the surgery has started. He uses a special instrument to inject the extracted fat cells into the buttocks area of the patient. The surgeon builds the desired buttocks area by injecting certain amounts of fat cells. After enough fat has been injected into the target areas, the surgeon sutures and disinfects the surgical area of the patient.


Swellings, bruising, bleeding, inflammation and itching are the most common complications that are seen after a Brazilian butt lift procedure. However, the main reason for a failed Brazilian butt lift procedure is a skilled surgeon. A surgeon should be very careful during both the liposuction sessions and the butt lift procedure.

There’s a woman who underwent a Brazilian butt lift surgery. The surgery was good and she recovered very quickly. However, while doing fitness, his buttocks exploded like a bomb and she fainted because of the agonizing pain. The results after this event are unbelievable, we’re not sharing the photos with because of the graphic content.

You need to choose your surgeon wisely, simply take a good look at the clinic’s before-and-after photos on their websites. Don’t believe every word they say, there are so many frauds in this industry

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