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Extracted Lipo Fat Use

Liposuction or fat removal surgery is performed to eliminate the excess fat cells located in the body. There are numerous areas on the body where individualized liposuction procedures can be performed. People who fail to get rid of their excess cells with natural melt-our methods generally start to consider getting lipo procedures to do this.

Extracted lipo fat is not destroyed after the procedure all the time. Some people would like to undergo fat augmentation procedures after their liposuction procedures. There are so many extracted lipo fat use areas and we would like to mention the most common ones in our post.

Fat cells extracted with liposuction can be used in cosmetic procedures like Brazilian butt lift, penile augmentation, and breast augmentation. These excess fat cells are mostly used on breast augmentation procedures which is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Multiple incision areas are opened on the breasts and the extracted fat cells are injected inside the breast via the holes. The procedure is completely safe and is also the most preferred breast enlargement procedure in the world.

Penile augmentation is not so common but its use has been increasing because of the possible risks of other invasive penile enlargement procedures. The extracted fat cells are injected into the penis to provide it a bigger size.

Brazilian butt lift has always been a trend among women. So many women undergo liposuction and Brazilian butt lift procedures to get a fullness on their buttocks area. The procedure is also safe and the fat cell injection amount is generally designated by both surgeons and candidates.

Fat augmentation procedures are safe but there is a problem with them. If you lose and gain a massive amount of weight in short-term periods, the fat cell level on the augmented areas may change (decrease).

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