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Why Liposuction Fat Gets Back

There are multiple answers to the question ” Why Liposuction Fat Gets Back? “. In summary, traditional liposuction is an invasive cosmetic surgery that involves the extraction of the excess fat with the help of a small thin tube called a cannula and the suctioning out with a surgical vacuuming device.

Invasive liposuction is best for those who would like to get rid of the high amount of excess fat in their body. In order to get the best results from an invasive liposuction procedure, one should meet some requirements. A good liposuction surgery candidate:

  1. Should have a good overall health condition
  2. Should not have a serious heart condition
  3. Should not have diabetes or obesity
  4. Should not want to get rid of a considerably high amount of excess fat in a single session.
  5. Should not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes etc. not just before the surgery but during his / her entire life.
  6. Should don’t have irregular eating habits, or quit it if she/he has.
  7. Should consume lots of water during the day

Based on those above, there are two important things that are related to the issue of gaining weight after liposuction. Number 6,7 and partly number 3 are the main reasons for why the liposuction fat gets back.

Irregular Eating Habits, Obesity, Water and Liposuction

The truest and accurate explanation of the returning fat is about eating habits. If the liposuctioned fat returns this means that the person has not quitted his / her irregular bad habits or eating more than needed.

If you are diagnosed with obesity and had a liposuction procedure in purpose, that would be the dumbest thing you would ever do. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity. Obesity is a disease that should be cured while liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove excess fat, which is not a permanent solution to the obese.

You should consume at least 3 liters of water during the day and you should do this not only after the liposuction but also during your whole life. Irregular eating and drinking habits will bring your fat back and kill your liposuction purpose.

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