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What is Platysmaplasty Surgery?

Platysmaplasty or Neck Lift job involves giving the best shape to droopy skin on the neck area of the person by lifting the skin. There are so many people who suffer from droopy neck skin at their young ages. A droopy neck skin may be caused by several factors like genetics, the overwhelming weight, aging or a skin disease. Our post will be giving you the overall answer to the question ” What is Platysmaplasty surgery? “

In the world of 2020, it is considered that every person living in Europe and the U.S has a high chance of getting aesthetic surgery during their lives. Today, almost every internal and external parts of the human body can be replaced or repaired with aesthetic procedures.

Platysmaplasty Procedure

Platysmaplasty is one of the safest aesthetic procedures ever. You are administered local anesthesia and also general anesthesia if needed. Incisions are performed over the neck by the surgeon, the excess skin is taken and the remaining sides are tied together with stitches.

It is the best way to fight against aging and the consequences of a fast weight-loss job. People who lose weight so fast are more likely to experience a droopy skin, especially their abdominal, chest and neck area. However, not every person is suggested to get such procedures. A person should meet some requirements before such surgery. People with diabetes or chronic diseases should avoid aesthetic surgeries. High smokers and drinkers should lower their habits or completely quit them in order to get the best platysmaplasty surgery experience.

Most platysmaplasty patients are guaranteed to get back to their work within 2 days. They may experience bruising, infection, itching, swelling, pain over the wounds but they are mostly normal. If those complications get any worse, patients should consult their surgeon for prescripted painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs

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