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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Larger breasts than normal can be a nightmare to a male. There are lots of overweight people whose breasts are bigger and droopy and these people may still suffer from this situation even they manage to lose their excess fat in the body. When they see that their breasts are not lifted after losing some weight, they start considering getting breast reduction surgery. Male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery can be done using several methods. Liposuction is the most used method to provide the best shape for the patients’ chest area.

If you have tried everything you can do and still suffer from gynecomastia, liposuction surgery is the best you can do about your situation. A droopy breast is mostly related to the individual’s genetics meaning that you are so likely to remain with them even if you lose your weight. Let’s see what features gynecomastia surgery has and requirements that you should meet before getting a liposuction procedure:

Features of Gynecomastia Treatment with Liposuction

Overdeveloped breast tissue removal with liposuction is considered the easiest procedure ever considering the more complicated ones like abdominal liposuction. You are almost guaranteed not to feel any pain during or after the surgery and there will be no visible scars after your recovery.

A typical gynecomastia surgery with liposuction involves administering local anesthesia and general anesthesia ( if needed ) depending on your doctor’s choice. After you enter the anesthetic state, small incisions are performed on both sides of your chest. How skillful the overall surgery will be simply depended on your surgeon’s experience.

After these incisions, the excess fat or glandular tissue located on your chest area is removed by your surgeon. How natural your new chest will look depends on your doctor’s constructional skills. After the procedure is done, your full recovery needs 3 weeks maximum.

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