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Post-Lipo Inflammation

Liposuction has always been one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world. The main reason for such a thing is generally associated with the number of overweight people living in the world. It is true that the number of overweight people living in the world has been increasing day by day because of irregular eating and drinking habits and obesity problems. This may lead people to liposuction which is considered a weight-loss method by many. This is a complete myth because it is not a weight-loss method. Besides, there are a couple of complications seen after liposuction. For example, post-lipo inflammation is a famous complication coming after swelling.

Inflammation is definitely an annoying complication but in most cases, it does not threaten your lipo job or your overall health, too. Actually, most inflammation cases should be concluded that it’s an indicator of your healing process. Your wounded tissue is healing itself and inflammation is a result of this action. Most inflammation cases generally end up with swelling, which is probably the most annoying complication ever.

Such complications like inflammation and swelling generally occur when the patients move their bodies a lot during the early days of recovery. If you have a big surgical cut on your body, you need to limit your movements. It is best for you to stay at home during the early days of lipo recovery.

Since you are not allowed to wash your liposuctioned areas during the first 4-5 days, it will be very wise to stay at home so that you also keep yourself from sunlight exposure which is also dangerous to your lipo job. Sunlight may cause terrible scarring over your liposuctioned areas, so, you need to keep away from sunlight until your scabs start falling.

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