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Do’s and Don’ts After Liposuction

Just like after all kinds of medical procedures, there are also do’s and don’ts after liposuction procedures. People really like making comparisons between several medical cosmetic procedures to make themselves feel safe. However, since they’re still cosmetic procedures, there is always rtisk of complications. No matter how careful you try to be, some side effects can be seen during the early days of recovery.

Liposuction is actually famous for its complications seen during the early days of recovery. For example, swelling is probably the most common liposuction complication and almost every patient suffers from it for sometime.

Swelling is considered very normal during the early days of recovery because the body fluids can not settle under the skin because of the wounded tissue. If you do not do actions which may cause swelling go severe, slight ones of it are considered very normal. It’s mostly considered the reactions of your body to the treatment.

Inflammation occurs before swelling, it’s actuallt the indicator of swelling. Once you obey the post-surgery instructions of your surgeon by staying home and limit your body movements, you will not suffer from severe inflammation and swelling during the early days of recovery.

You will need to give a break to your bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Such harmful habits may cause dehydration over your body which is the last thing you would ever want during the recovery. Your body needs water more than anything after liposuction. The wounded tissue recovers itself better and faster if you drink lots of water every day.

No matter what happens, you should not go to swimming. It does not matter if you go to sea or pool because both are dangerous and may compromise your body to germs and microorganisms. Such actions may cause infection which is the worst thing that could ever happen to a wounded tissue.

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