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Liposuction and Skin Lift

Liposuction and skin lift procedures are generally carried out together. The reason why surgeons perform these procedures simultaneously is generally associated with the types of people who prefer these procedures. Most liposuction candidates are generally those who’ve been overweight people during their whole life.

Such overweight people are more likely to experience saggy skin after liposuction procedures. Since surgeons know about that, they also suggest skin lift jobs for their patients. When both of these procedures are performed, this whole operation is called a tummy tuck.

Excess fat is extracted from the body with a cannula during a standard invasive liposuction operation. After that, the loose skin is cut and excess parts of it are removed. Once the excess skin is removed, the remaining sides of it sutured together as the final stage.

Who Can Undergo a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck procedures are the most performed fat removal procedures in the world. Especially women who recently gave birth to their children may be troubled with excess fat gained during pregnancy. It can be very hard to lose pregnancy weight for some women. Even if they manage to lose their excess weight with natural methods, most women experience saggy and droopy skin after their weight loss.

Post-pregnancy candidates of a tummy tuck are the biggest crowd of such cosmetic operations. Most women are concerned about possible scarring after tummy tuck procedures. Because it has happened in the past that some people experienced severe scarring after their tummy tuck operations. However, surgeons of today are skillful enough to cover the possible scarring after tummy tuck procedures.

Tummy tuck recovery does not take a long time when it’s considered the other types of aesthetic procedures like Brazilian butt lift of hair transplantation procedures. Most surgeons guarantee that their patients can return to their work after 2-3 days of early recovery.

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