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Fat Grafting to Face

Most people claim that 2020’s world is the year of technology and aesthetic procedures. The number of people who consider getting at least one aesthetic, cosmetic, or plastic surgery has been increasing day by day. With the increasing trend on health tourism, people have a chance to visit a country and undergo their procedures at the same time. For example, Istanbul is the number one destination for augmentation jobs. For example, fat grafting to face is a common procedure that can be performed in most of the clinics in Istanbul.

People would like to get some of their parts fixed or want to change the way they look for some reason. For example, the number of those who undergo Rhinoplasty procedures to get a particular nose look is higher than those who have a bad-shaped nose and want to fix it. It is mostly the same in fat grafting or augmentation procedures. People mostly want to undergo such procedures to look like a celebrity or an important person.

Most augmentation procedures involve the extraction of fat cells from the patient’s bodies. These extracted fat cells are put inside a medical tank and are injected on the recipient area of the patients. During facial fat grafting, surgeons inject the extracted fat cells into the face via using marked areas.

Augmentation jobs are considered the safest cosmetic procedures in the world. Failure cases that are associated with augmentation procedures are very rare because they are not as invasive as the other famous aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures in the industry.

However, most complications occur when patients do not follow the instructions of their surgeons. For example, swelling and itching may occur on patients’ faces but no matter what happens, surgical areas should not be touched or interfered with.

If complications reach more severe levels, surgeons’ consultancy may be needed. It is dangerous to consume drugs without your surgeon’s knowledge. Your surgeon will examine you and suggest some prescription drugs for your situation.

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