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Is Liposuction a Minor Surgery?

All people may have different medical problems on their bodies. Excess weight is a medical condition because it’s not healthy. Most people like their irregular eating and drinking habits which cause excess fat on their bodies. Not all people give too much attention to their body care. They do not follow diet plans, they do not do fitness and just live with the sugary fatty foods they eat every day. When the body becomes inevitably fat, such people may want to consider getting an invasive fat removal surgery aka liposuction. So, is liposuction a minor surgery? How is it performed? What are the eligibility requirements for lipo? Let’s take a closer look.

Fat removal surgery or liposuction is an invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the force-displacement of excess fat cells inside the body with the help of a small thin cannula applied to a surgical vacuuming instrument. The displaced excess fat cells are later vacuumed by the machine. These are the basic steps for invasive fat removal surgery aka liposuction.

Full body liposuction which involves the extraction of fat cells from almost every area in the body can be a bit of hardship for both patients and surgeons. Liposuction which is performed on the abdominal areas of people is considered a minor medical procedure by most experts if it’s not performed along with other types of cosmetic procedures like skin removal.

Most abdominal liposuction procedures are performed with skin removal and lift procedures. The combination of such cosmetic procedures is called a “tummy tuck” or “abdominoplasty”. A tummy tuck is also a minor cosmetic surgery but the liposuction procedure itself is quite easier to perform when it’s compared to it.

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