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Is It Safe To Have Liposuction During COVID-19?

Especially these days, as we are slowly coming to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for liposuction procedures is starting to increase. As we all know, there were times when we stayed at home for days, and as a result, many of us gained weight due to inactivity and an irregular diet. So, you may want to get rid of these excess fats by having a liposuction procedure. But, you may also concern about the COVID-19, which is totally normal. Let’s take a quick look and find out if it’s safe to have liposuction during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Getting liposuction in Turkey during COVID-19 is safe

To begin, let us emphasize that all types of effective protection measures are in place in hospitals to prevent COVID-19 infection, so you do not need to be concerned. However, you should be aware that the COVID-19 test is required before this type of cosmetic surgery.

The demand for liposuction procedures is starting to increase

According to experts, the demand for cosmetic operations such as liposuction has surged as a result of the pandemic. Furthermore, it is believed that procedures such as breast augmentation, reduction, lift, stomach tuck surgery, liposuction, and notably breast aesthetics receive a lot of interest during this time.

Measures against COVID-19 taken by hospitals

Below, you can find some measures taken by hospitals in Turkey to prevent any chance of getting infected by a coronavirus.

  • Extra hygiene and cleaning rules of transfer companies
  • Getting a COVID-19 test before coming to Turkey
  • High-level epidemic measures were taken in hospitals
  • Continuous COVID-19 test by the hair transplant team
  • Hotel selection was in favor of clean and safe hotels.

All in all, if you’ve gained weight while staying at home due to the pandemic and want to get rid of your excess fats before the summer, you should consider liposuction surgery in Turkey. To get more information about liposuction procedures, you can reach us anytime by filling out the form above.

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