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Liposuction in Istanbul

Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey is mostly known as the capital of the country, which is a common misconception. Most people think of Istanbul when it comes to speaking of Turkey. The city has been a bridge between western and eastern civilizations for centuries. It has now become a health tourism destination and every kind of aesthetic, plastic, and the cosmetic procedure can be performed in numerous clinics and hospitals in Istanbul. Especially liposuction in Istanbul is very famous and people from all over the world prefer this beautiful city for fat removal procedures.

Istanbul is believed to be home for over 350 aesthetic clinics. Most of these procedures can perform from hair transplantation to fat augmentation procedures. Both invasive and non-invasive fat removal procedures can be performed in these clinics for affordable prices. Clinics in Istanbul are very famous for high-quality low-price procedure packages that are sold to tourists.

Liposuction surgeries of the past were considered cutthroat cosmetic procedures by most people because it has happened in the past that people suffered from severe complications for several reasons. Unskilled surgeons and non-eligible candidates are the main reasons for liposuction failure and complication cases.

A liposuction package includes the fee for airport transportation, accommodation, and the liposuction procedure itself. You pay for the package and all of these expenses are covered with that initial payment. Hotels are generally very close to aesthetic clinics and we do not find it necessary to mention the goodness of hotels in Istanbul. 3 and 4-star hotels have contracts with aesthetic clinics and host their patients during their early recovery.

Liposuction patients generally rest at hotels for 2-3 days and they are guaranteed to return to their work after that time. The full physical recovery generally takes 2 months, however, people may suffer from loss of sensation for a long time which is permanent and not even considered a complication most of the time.

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